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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You're very religious right?

I love it when people don't beat around the bush and are up front about what they belive.
KING: So what do you do? Are you acting? What are you doing?

CAMERON: Yes, well let's see. Last year we finished "Left Behind, World at War." That's based on the Left Behind book series with Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye.

KING: Religious books.

CAMERON: Yes, kind of end of the world apocalyptic thrillers.

KING: You're very religious right?

CAMERON: No, I'm not religious. I'm a Christian but I'm not big on religion but I do produce a television program right now called "The Way of the Master" and that basically is -- it's a Christian reality program where we kind of unmask the -- the hypocrisy of a lot of modern religion that you see today.

And then we go out on the streets and confront people with what is it that you believe about stuff like heaven and hell and God and how to make peace with God? And then we talk with them about how they can find eternal life.

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