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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Nature Never Stops Talking “The Wonderful Ingenuity of Nature”

By Samuel J. Alibrando

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Have you ever taken a look around you and wondered, how everything kinda of fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. Take for example the fact that right now, right this very minute you are inhaling oxygen, and exhaling, as waste CO2. While the plant you have on your desk is doing just the opposite. Kinda of makes you wonder how that happened so perfectly doesn’t it. Sadly there are people out there that will have you believe it all happened by dumb luck.

Nature Never Stops Talking is a series of articles written by the author for a local newspaper. This book takes a hard look at how nature works, all the while asking how did all this happen by chance? For instance did you know that snow isn’t white, I know that threw me for a loop too. And I bet you didn’t know trees “talk” to each other. Don’t believe me here read for yourself in the excerpts from the book's website.

I enjoyed this book immensely. It’s not only very informative, but its also just plain fun to read. One of the great things about it is you don’t need a college degree to understand it. Mr. Alibrando does a great job of showing how ingeniously the earth and everything on it works together and how well thought out its design is.

“Evolution, which I once considered fully credible, lost its appeal for me the more I learned. Specifically, the most obvious is that incredible engineering designing itself accidentally and without intelligence. From the realms of space, our precision solar system, to the effect of delicate weather when temperatures change by few degrees, life in the oceans, forest, jungles and the intricate balance of dependence between so many forms of life. Do I go on? From galaxies to cells, molecules, atoms and electrons we find precise, consistent, often predictable but always amazingly constructed design.
To me, this design not only proves intelligence, but most of it surpasses all human intelligence. There are specialists in every field of science and medicine all trying to grasp so many things still unknown or understand – just in their own field of specialty.”

Still believe the earth is here by accident. Then do yourself a favor pick up a copy of this book. If nothing else it’ll give you something to think about.

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