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Friday, October 07, 2005

VOM letter writing

A few days ago I talked about writing letters to Christian prisoners. I found this article today:

(AgapePress) - Zhang Yi-Nan, a leader in the Chinese house church movement
who was arrested in 2003 in connection with his Christian activities, has
been released after spending two years in a labor camp. Communist Chinese
authorities released Zhang last week from the Ping Ding Shan City Bailou Labor
Camp in Henan Province, China. The Christian prisoner had been taken into
custody in September of 2003 and charged with subverting the Chinese
government and socialist order. But, even after he had completed two years
of laojiao, or “re-education through labor,” Zhang was not immediately allowed
to go home. According to a report from Voice of the Martyrs (VOM), a ministry to persecuted
Christians worldwide, Zhang was escorted from the labor camp by ten policement;
but instead of taking him home, he was first taken to the Lushan County Police
Station, where he was “instructed” about what he should not say or do following
his release. Reportedly, police told the ex-detainee that he was “very defiant”
for not admitting his “mistakes” -- i.e., choosing to follow Christ and
belonging to an unregistered house church rather than China's official state
church. Zhang was finally allowed to go home with his wife and son. Upon
arriving home, one of the first things he did was to watch a video documentary
called The Cross: Jesus in China. The humble Christian leader later remarked
that, compared with what other Chinese Christians have gone through, his own
suffering was nothing. “I am just so privileged to taste a little bit of the
Lord's cross,” he said. Todd Nettleton, a spokesman with VOM, believes the
strong response of fellow Christians who participated in a letter writing
campaign on Zhang's behalf probably played a significant role in his release.
Nettleton says the labor camp detainee was featured on, a
website the ministry has set up, through which people can write to Christians in
prison around the world. “About 2,700 people went on the website, looked at
Brother Zhang's profile, and then composed a letter to him,” the VOM
representative says. “The website also translates the letters into the language
of the prisoner, so his letters were in Chinese."

So you see it works so if you haven't or even if you have. Go to Prisoner Alert, and write a letter today.

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