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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Prayers for September 27, 2005

Tom White shares an interrogation experience in this excerpt from God's Missiles Over Cuba:

I stopped responding to his questions and stared directly into his eyes.... I continued to pray in front of him like this for hours...
"What are you doing?" he demanded.
"I am praying for you."
His mouth dropped open.... He looked nervously around the room, then started drumming his fingers on the desk. In the next session I was surprised to see him wearing sunglasses. Evidently he didn't want me to see his eyes. God doesn't need eye contact. He deals with the heart. I continued to pray.

Thanks be to our Lord Jesus for giving the kind of love that drives His people to pray for those who persecute them! Thank you for being willing to stand in the gap and to intercede for these dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

From The Voice of the Martyrs

CUBA (VOM-Canada)
House-church leaders in Cuba are expressing concern over new government directives issued in April and due to come into effect this month. According to a September 15th report from Forum 18, the new legislation requires all currently operating house churches to register with the authorities. In recent years, some leaders attempted to register their house churches and faced such restrictive complications, that few have managed to complete the process. Under the new directives, if registration is refused, permission can never be granted to meet in that home. Church members may file an application to hold services in a different home within 15 days of the refusal. The legislation also restricts the number of house churches within a particular area and requires detailed reporting of all services and those in attendance. No signs may be displayed that pertain to the church. Foreigners are prohibited from any involvement or attendance of services in house churches in mountainous regions, without government approval. Authorities retain the right to supervise the services to ensure compliance. House churches failing to comply will be closed down and face fines up to a sum equivalent to 50 months' wages.

Give thanks and praise to God for His faithful followers in Cuba. Pray God will give wisdom to church leaders who attempt to register and make plans for the future of their fellowships. Pray the Lord will continue to grow His church in Cuba in spite of government interference.

EGYPT (Compass Direct)
Egypt's leading forensic doctor, Dr. Ayman Soda, has refuted a court physician's report against Coptic Christian Shafik Saleh Shafik. The case has prompted death threats by Muslims, where Shafik is accused of binding and beating Magda Refaat Gayed before she fled his Cairo shelter for troubled women, On September 20th, Dr. Soda testified it would have been impossible for Magda to have jumped from a height of 11 feet, as she claimed, as the ropes and chains would have precluded free movement. The Gayed family had requested that the then 16-year-old Coptic Christian girl be placed in Shafik's safe-house after she had run away from home with a Muslim man. Two weeks after she had disappeared from home, she was discovered living with a Muslim group that had promised she could marry the man as soon as she converted to Islam. The three judges of Cairo's Abbassiya Criminal Court No. 15 delayed giving a verdict until October 17th. (Click here)

Give thanks to God that the truth has been revealed. Pray the Lord will convict Magda of her false testimony and bring her to repentance. Pray the judges who rule on this October case will not be intimidated by Muslim extremists.

INDIA (VOM sources)
Radical Hindus have expelled evangelist Zacariah (24) from his village for spreading the good news. Zacariah has been working among a poor Hindu community for four years. He started his ministry with a JESUS film team and later began a small, challenging ministry among the poor Hindus. Zacariah has a small congregation of 15-20 people in a village in the Chickmaglur district of Karnataka state in southern India, where he continued his prayer meeting despite an expulsion order issued by radical Hindus. They have now threatened a death penalty for his continued refusal to accept the expulsion order. Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) is intervening to protect the life of this bold soldier of Jesus Christ. A political leader has been asked to interact with the police to extend protection.

Praise God for the bold witness of this faithful believer who continues to reach out with the love of his Savior to the poor. Pray God will surround Zacariah with His strong arm of protection. Pray our merciful and omnipotent Father will reveal Himself to the radical Hindus and bring His peace to India.

PAKISTAN (Compass Direct)
Maria Samar John was bought by her husband, Abdul Ghaffar, and forced to convert to Islam. A year ago, he disappeared with their two toddler children, then 5-year-old Joshua and 3-year-old Mariam. Ghaffar left Lahore, Pakistan, with the children and there have been no new clues to their whereabouts since October 2nd last year when a judge issued a warrant for Ghaffar's arrest. "I miss them a lot and I have been weeping for them," John told Compass as she described the past year without Joshua and Miriam. "I pray to God for their safety and safe return."

Pray God will protect these innocent children and bring them home to their mother. Pray the Lord will reveal the whereabouts of Abdul Ghaffar and he will be brought to justice. Pray Jesus will make himself known and bring comfort to all women who suffer under the bondage of Islam.

VIETNAM (Compass Direct)
Officials in Son Ha district incited a mob to burn down the home of evangelist Dinh Van Hoang in Quang Ngai province on August 21st, because he would not sign a paper denying his Christian faith. Local authorities came to Hoang's home that Sunday morning and told him Christians were not accepted there. They warned him he would have to give up his religious faith or face the destruction of his home. Hoang, as he has done previously, replied he could not give up his faith. Soon after, a mob burned down his house containing all his possessions. Additionally, in late July authorities in Son Tinh, Quang Ngai Province, destroyed the homes of 10 Hre families because they would not give up their Christian faith. The actions came after Vietnam adopted legislative measures supposed to support greater religious freedom.

Pray Hoang will continue to trust in God, who works His judgment on all who are oppressed. Pray Christians in Vietnam will continue bold in their faith and loving witness. Pray officials will enforce the new legislation so it provides more religious freedom.

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