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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Prayers for June 21, 2005

From The Voice of the Martyrs
The Voice of the Martyrs Visit:

Pray for CHINA
JORDAN (Compass Direct)
A Jordanian court rejected a last-ditch appeal this week from the Muslim guardian fighting for custody of Christian widow Siham Qandah's two minor children. The June 13th decision reconfirmed an earlier verdict from Amman's Al-Abdali Sharia Court two months ago, which revoked the legal guardianship of Abdullah al-Muhtadi, the maternal uncle of Qandah's daughter Rawan and son Fadi. According to Qandah's lawyer, this final verdict from the appellate court cannot be appealed. It effectively cancels all other pending cases regarding permanent custody of the children. Al-Muhtadi has been ordered by the court to repay misspent funds he had withdrawn from his wards' inheritance accounts without judicial approval. Qandah may now select a new guardian for court approval to oversee her children's legal affairs until they reach maturity at age 18.

Praise God that this was His marvelous doing (Psalm 17:7)! Pray the Lord will guide Qandah in finding the guardian that He has chosen to care for her children. Pray God will protect Qandah and the children from any retaliation on the part of Muslim extremists.

Pray for INDIA
INDIA (Gospel for Asia)
On May 29th, 40 bullets were fired at the location of the partially constructed Believers Church in Manipur. None of the missionaries staying on the site were injured, and construction is continuing. Angry mobs had dismantled the construction four times in the previous six months, and one time they burned the missionaries' temporary living quarters, reducing their belongings to ashes. This latest attack had been forewarned, and the pastor had called for police protection, however, none came. When completed, this church building will be a haven where people who have been set free from spiritual bondage can come and joyfully sing praises to God.

Thank God for His protection of the missionaries who were at the site at the time the bullets were fired. Pray these incidents of opposition will only serve to increase the believers' zeal. Pray those responsible for the attacks will be curious about these persistent Christians and want to know their God.

SRI LANKA (Religious News Service)
On Sunday, May 29th, 10 Christians had gathered to pray in a church in Ambanpola, when a crowd of approximately 100 (with a Buddhist monk) disrupted their prayer meeting. Because the Christians were threatened and feared another attack, the next prayer meeting was cancelled. In Batticoloa District, the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka, in partnership with VOM-Canada, has been constructing a leadership training center. In February, the building where construction workers stayed was burned down, and on the night of June 2nd, the home of the family who donated the land for the training center was set on fire. In Galle District, an Assembly of God congregation, whose church building was destroyed in the tsunami, was able to purchase a new building. The next night the windows of the building were smashed with rocks and bottles, and the following morning a mob of around 100 surrounded the building, hurling threats at the Christians. Three parishioners were brutally beaten, one of whom is reported to be in serious condition, and the pastor's van was damaged, and his wallet, identification and cellular phone were stolen.

Pray God will quench the spirit of fear that caused believers to cancel a prayer meeting. Pray the Lord who calmed the waves will calm the hearts and minds of Buddhists in Sri Lanka. Pray the Christians will walk in wisdom, redeeming the time.

Pray for NIGERIA
NIGERIA (Compass Direct)
Leaders of the Christian Association of Nigeria submitted a memorandum to the nation's National Political Reform Conference on June 9th, cataloguing cases of persecution and discrimination against Christians. The leaders claim that while the Nigerian constitution professes a secular status for the nation, state governments in Northern Nigeria are Islamic institutions whose main task is to promote and propagate Islam using public funds. Twelve northern states have implemented Islamic Law (Shariah). The memorandum alleges discriminatory religious policies, including confiscating mission schools, hiring Islamic religious teachers, and denying land for church buildings. The reform conference is expected to draft a revised constitution that will then be presented to President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Pray our omnipotent God will move in great power to stop the implementation of Islamic Law in Nigeria. Pray the Lord will give not know Him. Pray God will give President Obasanjo wisdom and courage to use his presidential authority for God's eternal glory.

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