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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Archaeology and the Old Testament

I'm reading and interesting article by Kyle Butt. Here an sample:

Because of the intrinsic value of archaeology, many have turned to it in order to try to answer certain questions about the past. One of the questions most often asked is, “Did the things recorded in the Bible really happen?” Truth be told, archaeology cannot always answer that question. Nothing material remains from Elijah’s ascension into heaven, and no physical artifacts exist to show that Christ actually walked on water. Therefore, if we ask archaeology to “prove” that the entire Bible is true or false, we are faced with the fact that archaeology can neither prove nor disprove the Bible’s validity. However, even though it cannot conclusively prove the Bible’s veracity in every instance, archaeology can provide important pieces of the past that consistently verify the Bible’s historical and factual accuracy. This month’s Reason and Revelation article is designed to bring to light a small fraction of the significant archaeological finds that have been instrumental in corroborating the biblical text of the Old Testament.

Mr. Butt uses Archaeology edvidence to prove the account of Hezekiah and Sennacherib, found in 2 Chronicles.

Looking around Appologetics Press's web site I found a wealth of information. For anyone interested in appologetic they offer a home study course that is free. There is alot of info over there so stop wasting your time here and go waste some time over there.

I'm sorry if this post dosent make since but it 4:41 in the morning and I'm just killing some time before I get off work.

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