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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Prayers for May 10, 2005

"The Lord is King forever and ever;
The nations have perished out of His land.
Lord, You have heard the desire of the humble;
You will prepare their heart;
You will cause Your ear to hear,
To do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed,
That the man of the earth may oppress no more"
(Psalm 10:16-18).

Prayers for May 10, 2005
From The Voice of the Martyrs
The Voice of the Martyrs Visit:
Pray for BENIN
BENIN (Missions Insider)
The whereabouts of two missionaries' children abducted in late April by voodooists in a rural area are still unknown. It is feared that the two children may be used as human sacrifices to a voodoo god. The children were taken when a local voodoo chief and his followers attacked the family during the night, beating the native missionary father and several other Christians, as well as destroying the village church building, the missionaries' house and several other converts' homes. The missionary, "Jeremie," and his wife, "Augustine," had been serving the Fon tribe for a year, winning 25 people, most from voodoo backgrounds, to the Lord and starting a small fellowship. Jeremie and three other Christians are in critical condition in a local hospital.

Pray God will protect these children from the evil plans of their abductors and return them to their parents. Pray the Lord will heal "Jeremie" and the others who were severely beaten. Pray the Holy Spirit will shed His powerful light on the spiritual darkness in that place.

Pray for INDIA
INDIA (Compass Direct)
A crowd of nearly 500 Hindu villagers attacked a house church in Mangalwarapete village, Karnataka state, India, on May 1st. Assailants molested some of the women among the 60 people present at the Sunday service and burned Bibles and other Christian literature. The mob beat Pastor Paulraj Raju of King Jesus Church until he bled profusely. His wife and an elder of the church were also seriously injured in the attack. According to Pastor Charles Isaac of the Evangelical Free Church Urban Movement of India, the attackers identified themselves as members of the Hindu fundamentalist group Bajrang Dal and the nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party. Raju, who is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries, was beaten by local people in January and later arrested by police on charges of attempting to convert Hindus.

Pray Jesus will touch Pastor Raju, his wife and the elder with His healing power. Pray they will have the grace to forgive their attackers. Pray for Hindus in India who are in bondage to many false gods.

(Mrs. Mercy Cinaraj)
VOM has received encouraging news from Mrs. Mercy Cinaraj, the wife of the pastor in Kerala who was attacked by a Hindu and Muslim mob in April. When the attackers were beating him and his assistant, Ciniraj knelt down and prayed to God to rescue him and forgive the attackers. After he was discharged from the hospital and was at home, five men came to visit him. Although his wife and children were afraid, Pastor Cinaraj invited them in and learned that they had been sent by a Hindu astrologer to ask his forgiveness. The attackers went to the astrologist after the daughter of one was knocked unconscious by lightning and another man's wife who witnessed this "went mad." They stayed at the Cinaraj home for five hours, and Pastor Cinaraj led them all to the Lord. Later they discovered that at the hour these men accepted Jesus as their Savior, the unconscious daughter opened her eyes for the first time.

Give thanks to God for these miracles of His mercy and grace. Pray the Lord will protect these new Christians and use them to further the spread of His glorious Kingdom.

Pray for NEPAL
NEPAL (Compass Direct)
Police arrested a Christian couple who manage an orphanage in Nepal, and charged them with forcibly converting minors. Babu and Sabitri Varghese were arrested on April 27th, after a disgruntled former employee stole a photo of an adult baptism and told the police that the couple was baptizing Hindu children. Local newspaper editors printed the photo and then demanded the Vargheses pay them 100,000 rupees ($2,300). When the couple refused, the paper printed calls for them to be jailed for six years. Babu, 36, and Sabitri, 32, are confined at separate police stations, while their children Blesson and Benson are being cared for by orphanage staff. Some observers fear the Nepali government may try to make an example of the couple to discourage Indian Christians from establishing charitable institutions in the country. (Click here)

As Babu and Sabitri are imprisoned separately, pray Jesus will surround each of them with His precious presence. Pray God will protect all Christian orphanages in Nepal. Pray those in authority will understand and appreciate the need for these orphanages in their troubled land.

SAUDI ARABIA (Compass Direct)
One week after arresting 40 Pakistani Christians, Saudi Arabia's muttawa religious police broke into another private worship service of expatriate Christians, arresting five elders of a house church in Riyadh's central Al-Olaya district. High-ranking Muslim sheikhs reportedly took part in the April 29th raid on a congregation of 60 Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians who had gathered for prayer. The muttawa confiscated the worshippers' personal Bibles and one woman's cross necklace. Permitted telephone contact with their families during the initial fours days of their incarceration, the five elders have reportedly been transferred to prison facilities of the Ministry of Interior, where they are being held incommunicado.

Pray international pressure will be brought upon the Saudi government. Pray the Lord will protect and comfort all imprisoned for their faith in Jesus, giving them opportunities to share the Good News. Pray Saudi Muslims will hunger to know the Creator of the universe as their loving Father.

Pray for SRI LANKA
SRI LANKA (Compass Direct)
Asma Jahangir, the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Religion or Belief, is presently in Sri Lanka to probe the issue of religious liberty. Jahangir met with members of Buddhist organizations who feel Western religious rights advocates fail to see the issue of conversion in its "proper Asian context." The Island newspaper quoted the country's highest-ranking Buddhist cleric as saying that anti-conversion legislation is an "urgent requirement, since Buddhists are being converted to other religions at an unprecedented rate." On May 4th, Jahangir met with members of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL) and with several Christians who have suffered persecution. The NCEASL reiterated its commitment to work for a just solution to these problems through "dialogue and mutual understanding."

Give thanks to God that many Buddhists have turned to Christ. Pray God will use these meetings to convince the authorities that anti-conversion legislation will not be effective. Pray Christians in Sri Lanka will bring many more into God's Kingdom.

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