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Friday, April 29, 2005

No Consent

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Ok this is outrageous. Let me paint you the picture.

Your home waiting for your daughter to come home and when she is late, really late you begin calling friends but no one know were she is. You call the police and later find out she’s been flown out of state to have an abortion.

The parents only found out when they became frantic because their daughter didn't come home one night in March 2003, according to the suit filed by Anchorage attorney Yale Metzger on behalf of the girl and her parents. An older daughter who knew about the abortion told them where she was, the suit says.
Her parents called police in their search for their daughter. Once they found out about the abortion, they went to the Anchorage airport in case she hadn't already left, Metzger said.
The family is Laotian, and the parents struggle with English, he said, so the experience was especially frightening and frustrating. The parents would have helped the girl raise the child if she had decided to have the baby, he said.

Now let’s try to put yourself in these poor girls shoes. You’ve just found out your pregnant, you’re pregnant; you’re scared you don’t know what to do. You don’t think you can go to your parents because you don’t think they’ll understand. Finally your boyfriend’s mom confronts you and asks if you’re pregnant. You’re glad to finally get this off your chest and have someone to talk to.

Your boyfriend, his mom and you go to get prenatal care. The social worker asks you to come back later by yourself. You think noting of it. You confide in her and tell her you’re scared. I mean your 17 no job to speak of. You don’t know how you’re going to raise this baby. That is when the social worker counsels you on pregnancy options i.e. abortion. The next thing you know you’re on a plane headed out of state.

In early March 2003, the girl was 15 weeks pregnant and hadn't told her parents. Her boyfriend's mother asked her whether she was pregnant, and she acknowledged she was. She told the woman she wanted to have the baby and knew her parents would not want her to have an abortion, Metzger said.
On March 4, 2003, the girl, her boyfriend and his mother went to Providence Family Practice Center for prenatal care and to ask about services such as health coverage and a nutrition program, the lawsuit said.
They met with the social worker, who suggested the girl return alone later in the day.
Clinic records obtained by Metzger on behalf of the girl include notes from the social worker that the patient was feeling scared about her pregnancy and felt she was too young to have a child, the attorney said. It was at that point that the social worker counseled the girl on "pregnancy options," he said.
Because she was past the first trimester, she needed to go Outside for an abortion, the attorney said.
The social worker and the girl together scheduled an abortion at the Cedar River Clinic in Renton, outside Seattle, operated by the Feminist Women's Health Center, Metzger said.
The social worker also arranged for the travel and the abortion to be covered by Denali KidCare, the state-run insurance program that covers low- and middle-income children and pregnant women, he said.
Originally, an 18-year-old friend was going to accompany the girl, but the trip was delayed by a windstorm that March and ultimately, her 17-year-old boyfriend went with her instead, at the state's expense through Denali KidCare, Metzger said.
She had the abortion on March 20 and came home the next day, he said.

I don’t know why this young lady didn’t go to her parents. But I know at least two lives that have been forever changed by this decision. The unborn child, who is now in the loving arms of the Living God, and this young lady who will forever have to live with her choice.

But this quote takes the cake

"We believe we followed good sound medical practice in this case," Jennings said.

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