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Monday, February 28, 2005


I’ve joined Blogs for Terri in an effort to make known the plight of Mrs. Schiavo, but what can I say about her that hasn’t already been said. I don’t know this young lady, but I know that God the Father does know her as a matter of fact loves her very much.

I have a hard time understanding how people can think that allowing someone to die by dehydration is humane. If I did this to one of my dogs I’d be thrown in jail. I have never watched someone die in this unthinkable way but Ann from ILJ has and I’ll let her words speak for me:

Bob had a stroke that was a fairly mild one but during it he fell and hit his head. He was paralyzed. He couldn’t speak because of respirator tubes. He knew who came to see him. The heart beat and respiration monitors clearly showed response. The brain scans showed activity in cognitive areas. After about 2 weeks he could move a finger on one hand to squeeze or take it away for yes and no…if he was not too busy holding on with it. He was “awake” more and more. He tried to speak around the tubes. They let him try breathing in his own and he could do it though the doctors said he “shouldn’t be able to do it” He could now say yes, naaa, JeJeJesus, an approximation of his wife’s name, waaa (water) and pay, which seemed to mean pray and what he did when he said that was put his hand on yours and pray for you. He started to move one foot then the other. He wiggled his toes when you rubbed his foot. He cried and smiled usually in appropriate context. He recognized his stepchildren, grandchildren, and friends. He reacted differently to different people. He started to put his foot out from under the sheet when someone who usually rubbed it came in. The doctor told his wife that he would never recover and was "not worth keeping alive'. He told her they were going to give Bob “a painless death” by sedating him and taking away all IV’s and tube feedings,. They would put a dehydrator on him to take fluids out more quickly. He said it would take 3 days. He said it had to be. She believed him and believed it would be painless. The 2nd day he cried for water and kept saying pay, pay, pay waaa, pay waaa. And 2 new words, please, and why why. Someone who hoped for a last second miracle brought him a prayer cloth. His friends prayed. He is lungs cleared up. His breathing was not raspy any more. He pulled himself up in bed and held out his arms to his family. The medical staff came in and saw him and sedated him into unconsciousness. He still cried waaa, pay, waaa, and thrashed in agony even in his “sleep” . Monitors recorded heart and respiration patterns consistent with great pain and nothing else but pain. Even in his "sleep'' until the last day. 6 days later he died. There were angels in his room. The nurses saw them too. We were there at least 16 hrs of every one of those days and of the weeks before it. He was our friend. I know he is in heaven and heaven is a better place than Cleveland. I still miss him very much.

For anyone wanting to know this is the thread that Ann first posted this. And I have since received her permission to use it here.

This is no way to treat another human being.

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