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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Prayers for January 18, 2005

From The Voice of the Martyrs
The Voice of the Martyrs Visit:

AZERBAIJAN (Forum 18 News)
After Forum 18 News Service reported on the case, authorities have finally given a birth certificate to 18-month-old Luka Eyvazov. They had refused to register him because his parents gave him a Christian name. Unusually, the authorities also apologized to Luka's parents "for making us wait and suffer for so long." Without a birth certificate, Luka was not able to go to school, get treatment in a hospital, or travel abroad. Officials would not comment on whether they will register the birth of any other child with a Christian name.

Give thanks to God that Luka will now have the privileges of any other citizen of Azerbaijan! Praise God for changing the hearts of the officials who approved Luka's birth certificate! Pray for their salvation. Pray this will be the last time Christians will have to face refusals when they register a child with a Christian name.

Pray for EGYPT
EGYPT (Compass Direct)
This week the Egyptian Christian director of a home for troubled Coptic girls goes on trial in Cairo, on charges of holding a 16-year-old Coptic girl against her will and without her parents' permission, and also of trying to rape her. Shafik Saleh Shafik, 57, claims the false charges against him are an attempt to close down his recovery ministry among Coptic girls who are being enticed to leave their Christian families and convert to Islam. The accusation came from a Coptic girl whose parish priest had brought her to the safe house after she tried to run away with a Muslim boy. The privately funded facility is a shelter for Coptic Christian girls who are enticed by Muslim boys to leave home and become Muslims. When the girls arrive, they know almost nothing about their faith; but after six months or more of Christian training, the girls are visibly transformed. When they return to their families, they enroll in higher studies, get married or even prepare to work in the church.

Pray God will reveal the truth concerning the charges brought against Shafik. Pray the Lord will protect the girls in the safe house and allow that ministry to continue. Pray God will strengthen the girl who brought the false charges to stand up against the Muslims who are intimidating her.

According to a January 6th report from CLAAS (Center for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement), Anwar Masih was acquitted on December 17th. In November 2003, Masih, a Christian laborer, was arrested and charged with blasphemy after a heated discussion with an acquaintance, Ahmad Naseer, who had converted to Islam. When Ahmad told other neighbors about the discussion, they gathered a mob and attacked Masih's home, pelting it with stones. When police arrived, they arrested Masih, ignoring the attack on his home. The acquittal came after his lawyer argued that the evidence against him was strictly hearsay.

Give thanks and praise to God for this answer to prayer! Pray for the acquittal of other Christians facing charges under Pakistan's blasphemy laws. Pray Anwar Masih will be free to tell the Good News of salvation though the blood of Jesus.

Pray for NIGERIA
NIGERIA (Compass Direct)
More violence broke out in the Central Nigerian state of Plateau on December 29th, when Muslim militants attacked a village, killing Christian community leader Davou Bulle and critically injuring his wife and son. Assailants shot Bulle in the chest as he and his family were returning from their farm. The attack came just weeks after the federal government lifted a six-month state of emergency imposed on the state. Police arrested eight suspects in the attack, all Muslims. Three years of religious violence in Plateau have left more than 10,000 people dead, the majority of them Christians.

Pray Jesus will touch Bulle's wife and son, healing them quickly and completely and comforting them in their grief. Pray the Muslim attackers will be brought to trial and receive just punishment. Pray for all Muslims in Nigeria who do not know the true and loving God.

Pray for VIETNAM
VIETNAM (Compass Direct)
On February 2nd, the People's Supreme Court in Ho Chi Minh City will hear the appeals of the Rev. Nguyen Hong Quang and evangelist Pham Ngoc Thach of the Mennonite Church. Quang and Thach received three-year and two-year sentences, respectively-the longest sentences among six Mennonite workers sentenced on November 12th for charges of "resisting persons doing official duty." The stated objective of police raids on the Quang home and Mennonite church was to put an end to all "illegal religious activity." In another case an appeal was denied Miss Le Thi Hong Lien, a children's teacher, whose one-year sentence ends June 30th. The torture and abuse that Lien, 21, suffered while imprisoned has led to a complete mental and physical breakdown to the extent that she is reportedly unfit to stand trial.

Pray the Supreme Court will reverse the lower court decision regarding Quang and Thach. Pray publicity regarding the abuse of Lien, including possible use of mind-destroying drugs, will lead to her release. Pray the Holy Spirit will move in power to bring the prison authorities to repentance.

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