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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Emory's story

This is the story of how my daughter came into my life.

My wife Zena and I have identical twin sons who were 2 years old when we started trying for our third child. It had been about three years since we started consciously trying to get pregnant when my wife found out that she was 9 wks along in September of 2003. We were both ecstatic about the news.

We started coming up with names for the new baby, while wondering if it would be a boy or a girl. You know the normal things that couples do when they find out when they are expecting. Then one week from when Zena found out she was carrying she started having these horrible excruciating pains in here lower abdomen. Zena went into the emergency room to find out what was wrong but at that time the doctor could not find the problem until two days later when she found that my wife’s blood level dropped by half. It was determined then that my wife was experiencing a ruptured tubal pregnancy. When it was all said and done, Zena has lost 2 and ½ pints of blood and under went a blood transfusion and major surgery where one of her tubes was removed.

We both were crushed by the lost. Here we were preparing for having another little one around and now our plans were smashed. Yet at that point we did not know that all was not lost but instead God had another plan for us.

At about the same time that Zena was pregnant so was her cousin. This was something we did not find out until about 5 months after our loss of the baby. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Shortly after Zena recovered from the surgery and was released from the hospital, our Church, which has a real heart for adoption, held a special service focusing on adoption. Our Church has at least five families that have adopted children, both internationally and locally. So Zena and I decided to go and I will be honest I had never really thought much about adoption before attending the service. It was a nice service where we were able to hear the stories of all these people who had adopted children and also from those who are adopted children.

So back to the story about Zena’s cousin, Zena was talking to another cousin about their pregnant cousin and how she was looking for a family to adopt her unborn baby. Zena and I talked it over and agreed that we would be able to provide a loving home for this baby. This is how Emory Rose Disney became a part of our family. Here are a couple of neat facts about the whole situation, Emory was almost aborted because her birth father urged her birth mother to do it fortunately and thankfully, Zena’s cousin had a change of heart about the abortion at the clinic. Emory was also born within a month of when our baby would have been born. It makes you believe that maybe God had it planned out all along.

Here is what I have learned from this experience, first off the sad fact is that it is easier to abort a baby than it is to adopt one. The second is that if possible, I think an open adoption is the best way to go.

This whole process has got me thinking, that we as Christians are always condemning abortion and with good reason but how better would it be if we kicked it up a notch and started adopting these unwanted children. I heard on a radio program awhile back that if only 10% of the population would adopt a child there would be no need for orphanages. What a message that would send the world, think about it just 10%. I’ve often heard the story of the Romans taking unwanted children to the garbage dump, while the Christians would come and take these young children and raise them as their own. Well times have changed but we as Christians need to let the world know that we are here once again to take care of the unwanted children.

So for what it is worth, here is my challenge to all Christians, it is to pray about whether adoption is God’s will for you.

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